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Reputation for Leadership


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A two-day course for CEOs and would-be CEOs

Reputation and its relationship with marketing and other communications disciplines

Relationships needed and nurtured internally and externally: issues management and its relationship to reputation. Controlling the life cycle of an issue and managing threats and opportunities as a leadership team

Building a team to plan and campaign in order to lead the national debate

The context – keeping the research current to meet your needs

What if the message doesn’t get through? Response and crisis management

Speaking out against the tide - how to use a crisis to carry a message from the top

Public affairs - challenging or being a positive part of the political message

Planning for media training and preparing for assignment.

A day of media training would follow four weeks later to prepare each person to live what they have learned

Course Categories:

  • Foundation Award
  • Full Public Relations Diploma
  • Government Communication Diploma