LIA offers customised courses, perfectly suited to each group

Some One-Day Workshops


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1. Issue management for reputation and relationship building

To create a tool to listen more effectively to those with whom relationships are needed, including the staff; to bring them into conversations with the college on issues of importance to either or both sides; to inform the communication plan, build campaigns and head off potential crises.

2. Communication planning

To know how to research, devise and deliver a two year communication plan

3. Crisis communication planning

To write and rehearse a crisis communication plan

4. Crisis response communication

To look at a number of scenarios to see how things might be best dealt with

5. Internal communication

To build an internal communication plan to maintain good relations with the most important public

6. Media training

To understand and practice the best way of dealing with the news and social media, especially when they attack and threaten the organisation’s reputation.

Course Categories:

  • Full Public Relations Diploma